The Meteorite platform was invited to participate in BAF Capital’s analytical session on “Distribution Methods for Crypto-Assets”

On the evening of November 3, a private research and analysis meeting on “Crypto Asset Allocation” hosted by BAF Capita. This private meeting brought together a number of industry elites, who focused on the current crypto industry and discussed in depth how to better manage crypto assets. Aaron, the founder of Meteorite Quantitative, was invited to this conference as a key guest and brought a wonderful exchange.

The development time of the crypto industry is very short. After a large number of people in this industry suddenly acquired crypto assets, they do not really know how to manage and distribute them.

Starting with the modern theory of asset allocation and ending with considerations of crypto asset allocation, BAF Capital partner Leon has for the first time contributed his own unique ideas and expanded understanding of asset allocation.

Leon said that investing is a kind of long-term thinking and you can only take advantage of compound interest if you make steady progress. Now that crypto assets have become the most important assets, the traditional logic of allocating financial assets can also be applied to crypto assets. This is a new era full of opportunities for enrichment.

In just a few short years, crypto assets have quickly entered people’s lives. Yugan, the chairman of Hong Kong Blockchain Association, praised crypto-assets and believed that the asset management industry would be redefined by crypto-assets. This proposal has undoubtedly inspired many practitioners in the crypto industry.

Currently, crypto assets have become a public asset allocation, and you can find some long-term ways to manage crypto assets, such as Coinlist, quantitative trading, and etc.

The emergence of crypto-assets has led to disruptive consequences in many industries, and accordingly, various methods of asset management have emerged. Crypto assets with stable added value are the basis for everyone to explore the crypto industry further with confidence, with quantitative trading being the best way to manage crypto assets in the eyes of many people.

Among them, Meteorite quantitative strategy trading platform is one of the best.

The field of quantitative trading is a source of profit for 80% of the Wall Street elite’s investment methods, and there is news that Wall Street’s largest hedge funds and trust funds in the United States are considering entering the digital currency market. Traditional finance can achieve the same opportunities in BLOCKCHAIN.

However, there are currently a large number of incidents of non-compliance and security risks in quantitative trading of crypto-assets, and even extremely high thresholds restrict some ordinary users, making the placement of crypto-assets problematic.

In this context, Meteor Labs believes that BLOCKCHAIN is the direction of funding in the future and the combination of CeFi and DeFi is a common trend. Therefore, the company intends to make Meteorite a platform that provides a safe and stable way for the majority of blockchain investors to make profits in the blue ocean of blockchain.

Although some strategies offered by so-called strategists in the market promise high returns and low risks, they have some credit problems. For example, strategists and propagandists exaggerate or even falsify the effect of the strategy, and some strategies use future factors that are over-adjusted and do not match the real data. If there is a lack of long-term real data, the strategy may only fit the market in the short term. Before using the strategy, it is extremely difficult for users to perform risk assessment and risk control.

According to the whitepaper, the Meteorite platform pre-screens all strategies provided by strategists to verify the reliability of the strategy. Strategists must provide at least 18 months of historical data on the exchange. If the pre-screening is passed, a proposed listing strategy can be put to a vote.

Meteorite relies on solid strategic data and will build the first Big Data platform in quantitative trading in the future, contributing to the long-term development of the entire quantitative trading industry and promoting the industry. This is the mission of Meteorite.

With the ability to manage crypto assets, the crypto industry can develop better in the future. Meteorite also has a long way to go.

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Meteorite Quantitative Platform

Meteorite Quantitative Platform

Meteorite is a decentralized quantification platform in the DIBI ecosystem that supports a variety of mainstream digital asset quantification strategies