Q1 2022 Review

MTE Quant’s Q1 2022 Highlights

1.We have created MTE LP NODE Airdrop Plan

In order to reward all genesis nodes that provide MTE/ETH liquidity (LP) to Uniswap, Meteorite DAO voted to distribute 400 extremely scarce $MTE tokens (total supply: 20,000) to Genesis LP nodes as a reward. Check out Medium for step by step instructions and more details bit.ly/37CWiZG

2. We launched our first Token mining session

In order to celebrate the launch of MTE on Uniswap and to give back to the active community users, Meteorite DAO has decided to use a portion $MTE Community Treasury to reward users who engage in MTE liquidity mining. Want to earn more $MTE Token?bit.ly/3utX4kK

3.We created MTE Token liquidity pool on UniSwap to expand the MTE Universe

In the first quarter of 2022, we have created $MTE Token liquidity pool on the major DEX, UniSwap to provide another decentralized platform to trade $MTE Token with a much lower gas fee. In addition to the liquidity pools on UniSwap (Ethereum), we are planning to open more liquidity pools on other chains!

4. We sealed strategic partnerships with REALTIZE, METEORITE & BLACK HOLES Games, Crazy Alien NFT and Radian to expand MTE Finance ecosystem

We’re honored to have formed a strategic partnership with REALTIZE to expand the coverage of MTE Universe. Meanwhile, we have witnessed a significant increase in user awareness and quant strategies trading volume.

5. We listed $MTE token imToken Wallet

In addition to building the amazing product, we focused on lowering the threshold of joining the MTE Universe over the past quarter. In the first quarter of 2022, we have listed our Dapp, $MTE Token on imToken Wallet. Meanwhile, with the help of the numerous wallet supports, MTE Quant’s brand awareness has been significantly enlarged and we can reach out to more and more users with these straightforward gateways.

6. We activated MTE DAO governance

we released several MTE DAO poll to decide which Quant strategy is going to be listed on MTE Quant platform. All DAO members will share 1% of this strategy benefit. Vote once, earn for life.



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