$MTE Tokenomics & Vesting Schedule

There will be 20,000 MTE supplied in aggregate. Distribution of supply will occur in multiple phases with different channels and ratios.

Allocation rule is as follows:

Investor 70%

Mining 15%

Meteorite Foundation 5%

Genesis Incentive 5%

Governance Treasury 5%

Investor (70%)

Mining (15%)

DeFi Yield Farming and Liquidity Mining produce 15% of the total amount of MTE.

Meteorite Foundation (5%)

Meteorite Foundation is a completely independent non-profit foundation of Meteorite Labs. The foundation donates initial startup funds to Meteorite Labs to support its autonomous operation. Furthermore, the funds also support the platform and MTE token to ensure their smooth operation in the early stage. The MTE obtained from the donation will unlock 1% immediately after the project is launched on UniSwap. The remaining tokens will have a lock-up period of 3 months, and then the tokens will vest linearly on a quarter basis within 24 months.

Genesis Incentive (5%)

The early Meteorite community supporters, strategists, strategic users and referrer can receive the airdrop. The detailed rules will be confirmed later.

Governance Treasury (5%)

Governance Treasury is the financial fund of the Meteorite community. It consists of 5% MTE and the token will be distributed yearly in two years. Meteorite DAO is the decentralised autonomous organisation of Meteorite. Those who hold MTE have certain governance rights of Meteorite. For example, they can determine the usage of the treasury fund.

Who are we ?

Meteorite is a decentralized quantitative strategy platform that supports several fundamental quantitative strategies for digital assets. Combining traditional CeFi with innovative DeFi mechanisms, Meteorite leverages GameFi, NFT, and token ecology to align quantitative BLOCKCHAIN strategies and strategic users, and to operate decentralized governance in the form of a DAO.

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Meteorite Quantitative Platform

Meteorite Quantitative Platform

Meteorite is a decentralized quantification platform in the DIBI ecosystem that supports a variety of mainstream digital asset quantification strategies