$MTE Token Mining #1 Launch

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4 min readApr 2, 2022

In order to celebrate the launch of MTE on Uniswap and to give back to the active community users, Meteorite DAO has decided to use a portion $MTE Community Treasury to reward users who engage in MTE liquidity mining.

Activity Information:

By adding liquidity to the MTE/ETH pair through Uniswap, you can obtain a liquidity MTE-ETH LP , and you can pledge the LP to Meteorite’s DAPP during the event to get the corresponding $MTE reward.

MTE contract address: 0xC120dBB74a1f9764D46dE19fb5C70cE71317cBEb

Activity time:

The first $MTE Token Mining period is from 2022/04/03 12:00 UTC, 2022 to 2022/07/12, 2022 12:00 UTC

Event rewards:

200 $MTE

Rewards Calculation Mechanism:

The rewards will be calculated based on the total number of MTE-ETH LPs staked

Individual output income per block = (current block personal pledge LP/current block mining pool total pledge LP) * amount of MTE produced in each block cycle of Ethereum

Note: The number of MTEs produced per block of Ethereum = 200/90 days of the total number of blocks produced by Ethereum (ie 589090)

The total income of a single address during the event is = the sum of the income generated by each block during the pledge period of the address

How to add liquidity LP:

  1. Have enough ETH ready in your wallet, take 4 ETH as an example

Buy 4 or more ETH with USDT through any exchange (Huobi, Binance, etc.), then withdraw to your wallet (TP or imtoken), and wait for it to arrive.

2. buy MTE

Enter to https://app.uniswap.org

Then select ETH at the top and enter 2ETH, select MTE at the bottom and click Approve.

At this time, you need to enter the payment password and pay a small amount of gas fee.

After transaction is successful, click the transaction (Swap) again, you will need to enter the payment password again and pay a small amount of gas fee.

After the transaction is completed, your MTE will be credited to your address.

Note: If the wallet does not display MTE, you need to manually add the token contract address. The MTE contract address:


3. Add Liquidity (LP)

Select “Pool” at the top of the https://app.uniswap.org,

select: More-V2 Liquidity,

select“Add V2 Liquidity” button

select $ETH + $MTE (0xC120dBB74a1f9764D46dE19fb5C70cE71317cBEb),

enter the number of LPs you need to inject respectively, the value of ETH and MTE should be almost equal, Then proceed to approve and add again, respectively.

At this point, your liquidity has been added!

How to Stake LP:

  1. Log in to the Meteorite DAPP URL in the wallet browser: https://dapp.mte.cool
  2. Select the “Farms” button and connect the wallet address that has added liquidity. https://dapp.mte.cool/Farms
  3. Click on Approve. At this point, you need to enter the payment password.

4. Click on “Get MTE-ETH LP” Enter the number of LPs you want to stake, you can also click MAX to select all, click Stake, then you need to enter the payment password and pay a small gas fee.

5. Just wait for the transaction to complete, and the pledged LP will start to generate income in the next block income cycle.

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