Meteorite looks forward to partnering with RADIAN, to create a true Web 3.0 world

In January 2022, Meteorite, a decentralized quantitative strategy platform, and RADIAN, a Web 3.0 social platform, entered into a strategic brand partnership to leverage each other’s strengths to jointly build a mature and accessible Web 3.0 world.

Meteorite is a decentralized quantitative strategy platform that supports multiple fundamental quantitative strategies for digital assets. Combining traditional CeFi with innovative DeFi mechanisms, Meteorite leverages GameFi, NFT, and token ecology to align quantitative BLOCKCHAIN strategies and strategic users to operate decentralized governance in the form of a DAO.

RADIAN is a SocialFi platform that implements the principle of Web3, transforming social from “informatization” to “assetization”. Users are rewarded by participating in the fascinating features of RADIAN (SocialToEarn). Interactions are initiated by exploring the news feed, by people nearby, and by swiping profiles.

Jonathan commented on the partnership with Meteorite COO:
“We are very excited to partner with RADIAN, who bring a highly innovative SocialFi platform to the industry. The team at RADIAN is the perfect partner for us as we both share the vision of blockchain interoperability and creating a true Web3 user experience. We look forward to this partnership and growing our two ecosystems together.”

Elvan Yau, CEO of RADIAN adds:
“We are pleased to announce our new strategic partnership with Meteorite. Our intention at Meteorite is to create a more seamless Web3 experience for users, especially in the world of digital assets and metaverse based on Big Data, and we believe Meteorite can really help us develop this ecosystem.

About Meteorite

Meteorite has many groundbreaking forms of innovation, such as through the Meteorite API Aggregation Center, which ensures APIKey security for strategy users. Meteorite does not provide the original APIKey of the user’s exchange for use outside the center, but rather the APIKey encapsulated by the aggregation center.

At the same time, the Meteorite platform reviews all strategies provided by the strategist, who must provide at least 18 months of live historical data from the stock market to verify the reliability of the strategy.

Most importantly, Meteorite has set its sights on Web 3.0 and has begun building the Meteorite-Metaverse world. In the future, the NFT role introduced by Meteorite will not only be realistically represented in the Metaverse, but also provide a high-frequency and high-quality social life using the social network of RADIAN.

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RADIAN is a SocialFi platform that implements the principle of Web3.You social to earn and community mining.

Created content such as profile photos, videos, audio files, and social interactions can be mined into an NFT with on-chain provenance, keeping the content traceable and creating a sense of ownership (CreateAndOwn). Through integration with multi-chain and NFT platforms, RADIAN enables users to coin NFT on multiple platforms with just a few clicks.

In addition to content NFTs, interactive promises, such as a date or a kiss, can also be minted as NFTs (Interactive-NFT).

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