Meteorite is excited to partner with Meteorite &Black Hole Game

“Meteorite Quantified” and the chain game project “Meteorite &Black Hole Game” have officially agreed on a strategic cooperation! Both parties will take advantage of each other to explore the metaverse together, and this time Meteorite &Black Hole Game joins Meteorite Quantified’s ecology, which is also an important attempt of Meteorite Metaverse.

Meteorite is a decentralized quantitative strategy platform that supports multiple fundamental quantitative strategies for digital assets. Combining traditional CeFi with innovative DeFi mechanisms, Meteorite leverages GameFi, NFT, and token ecology to align quantitative BLOCKCHAIN strategies and strategic users to operate decentralized governance in the form of a DAO.

The Meteorite & Black Hole Game is a GameFi project built on the BSC chain, developed by a team of blockchain developers with years of experience, using a fully decentralized governance and management model, and audited for its code by a professional auditing firm. The game is easy to execute and creative, creating new heights for GameFi+NFT+Metaverse+ DAO.

Jonathan commented on the partnership with Meteorite COO:
“We are excited to partner with Meteorite &Black Hole Game to bring their GameFi eology to Meteorite. Meteorite &Black Hole Game has proven technology and experience in the GameFi space, and they have their own unique insights and plans for the metaverse, and we have a lot of common ground in our understanding of the metaverse, which is a solid foundation for our collaboration.”

Meteorite &Black Hole Game adds: “ As a Meteorite NFT game, it’s simply destiny to incorporate Meteorite decentralized quantitative strategy platform, and hopefully we will be able to build a fun and interesting Metaverse world for everyone.”

Although Meteorite is a quantitative strategy platform, its goal is a metaverse world. Now Meteorite is ready to launch its own NFT character Crazy Alien, and with “Meteorite & Black Hole Game” as a complement, Meteorite’s metaverse ecosystem is now complete. With “Meteorite & Black Hole Game” as an addition, the Meteorite Metaverse ecosystem is now more complete.

The collaboration with “Meteorite & Black Hole Game” is just the beginning. In the future, Meteorite will collaborate with other high quality Web3.0 applications to further enrich its Metaverse world. Now all users can start to experience “Meteorite & Black Hole Game” and slowly get to know the Meteorite Metaverse.

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About Meteorite &Black Hole Game

Meteorite & Black Hole Game is a game that combines the metaverse and GameFi to create a “meteorite”, a “black hole” and a “light”. By creating the economic model of “meteorite”, “black hole” and “light”, people can play the vast space of the meta-universe and earn income. The sale of the NFT blind box is now open, grab it.

Meteorite & Black Hole Game is developed by a blockchain development team with years of dedication using a fully decentralized model of control and management, and has completed a code audit by a professional auditing firm. The game is easy to play and creative, creating a new experience of GameFi+NFT+Metaverse+ DAO.

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Discord



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