Meteorite is a decentralized quantitative strategy platform — An ideal choice for the best strategists

▪️ Problems of financial strategists

The growth of the crypto industry has attracted practitioners from the traditional financial industry. Many prominent quantitative trading strategists have turned to the crypto industry, seeing it as a whole new challenge.

However, strategists also have their own concerns about quantitative trading. Although many strategists can provide a reliable strategy model, they have not been given the rights to do so. Some platforms or users have made a profit with the strategist’s quantitative strategies, but have failed to deliver on the promised commissions.

On the other hand, even if strategists have a good strategy model, they cannot get enough capital, and investors who want to use quantitative strategies have difficulty finding a good strategy model.

▪️ Quantitative analysis of meteorite gives strategists hope

Meteorite decentralized quantitative strategy platform has worked hard to address these issues. First, in order to protect the rights and interests of strategists, it set the distribution of strategists’ commissions in a smart contract, which was handled directly by a smart contract, thus strengthening the trust between the platform, between the user of the strategy and the strategist.

Many capital providers have come to Meteorite quantitative strategy trading platform including BI’AN FLOWERS CAPITAL LIMITED,ALPHAHASH,IMG Fund, ELCC CAPITAL,WWCA,99X CAPITAL,HASH TREE,Phoenix CAPITAL,CBPA,Z9 Capital, ROCKET CAPITAL,DGIC Ventures,Deepquant Labs,Newbyte Ventures,Primeblock Capital,Chainkey Ventures,asyncvision Capital,DIBI Fund etc. With the arrival of large amount of capital, it is possible to effectively ensure the utilization of the strategy by the strategists.

In addition to having access to sufficient capital, strategists can of course leverage Meteorite Big Data platform to effectively correct mistakes and streamline the process of future strategic research and development. This is extremely valuable to many highly skilled strategists and quantitative teams.

▪️NFT is a strategy that lasts forever

On the Meteorite platform, strategists can use NFT to create patent certificates for their high-value strategies. Not only can this secure the intellectual property rights of strategists to the highest degree, but it also gives strategists a great sense of inner satisfaction: any user who uses the strategy will know that this is the result of a particular strategist’s prudence. The emergence of NFT in the crypto industry is a great change and has also given hope to the eternal strategy.

Your exclusive NFT will keep your strategy alive forever!

Keep MTE, keep wealth.

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