Meteorite Announced Partnership With Realtize

Meteorite, a decentralised quantitative strategy platform, and Realtize, an all-in-one fundraising platform, have entered into a strategic brand partnership to leverage each other’s strengths to build a Web 3.0 world that is more about the future of investing.

Meteorite is a decentralized quantitative strategy platform that supports several fundamental quantitative strategies for digital assets. Combining traditional CeFi with innovative DeFi mechanisms, Meteorite leverages GameFi, NFT, and token ecology to align quantitative BLOCKCHAIN strategies and strategic users, and to operate decentralized governance in the form of a DAO.

Realtize is an all-in-one platform that helps real estate and startup issuers to raise the capital. We will collaborate with variety of industries and help the companies to raise the capital through effective due diligence and client onboarding processes.

Commenting on the partnership Meteorite COO, Jonathan stated:

“We are excited to be partnering with Realtize, who are helping more and more people to fund and achieve their goals. Realtize is a highly selected platform followed by FINRA and SEC compliance. Each asset on platform setup limits according to Regulation CF. Launching on the platform’s assets begins with startups and real estate companies, for the issuers who want to raise capital. A platform for everyone, not only accredited investors and institutional investors but also retail investors, who want to diversify their portfolios start from bucks to thousands, and we have many similarities in our understanding of the metaverse and Web3.0, which is a solid foundation for our collaboration.”

Jerry, CEO of Realtize add:

“We will use our real estate and investment strengths, combined with Meteorite’s strengths in big data platforms and quantitative models, to build a more promising Web 3.0 world for global investors.”

About Meteorite

In addition to having a strong technical team in the quantitative field, Meteorite has also started to layout in the metaverse and Web3.0 field. The cooperation with Realtize will further deepen Meteorite’s ability to integrate resources and facilitate the integration of Meteorite’s metaverse.


About Realtize

Realtize was built to lower the thresholds for both fundraising and investing and let the masses engage in.The platform, democratizes the investment process, aims to provide buyers to invest in assets and help company to raise capital quickly and easily.





Meteorite is a decentralized quantification platform in the DIBI ecosystem that supports a variety of mainstream digital asset quantification strategies

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Meteorite Quantitative Platform

Meteorite Quantitative Platform

Meteorite is a decentralized quantification platform in the DIBI ecosystem that supports a variety of mainstream digital asset quantification strategies

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